Instructions for Face-to-Face Presenters

If you are attending the conference in person and presenting a conference paper or giving a keynote address please take careful note of the following instructions:

LOCATION. You can just turn up at the venue advertised on the online programme at the published start time for each session. The online programme will be emailed to registered delegates in advance of the event. Due to the hybrid nature of this conference there will not be a traditional registration desk or printed programmes, but there will be signage and people around campus to show you the way. A map of the Falmouth Campus is available at this link: (please note Falmouth University has two campuses in the local area, this is the Woodlane campus at TR11 4RH. Please note when you arrive in a room on campus the Teams meeting will likely already be on and broadcasting audio.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT. An additional 5 minutes per speaker has been scheduled to allow for resolving technical issues and we have AV support on campus for the duration of the conference but if you have any concerns, want to present in an unusual format, or want to practice in the space before the session please contact

PRESENTING. If you have slides to accompany your talk there are two ways you can share them:

You can email your PowerPoint to by Tuesday 20th July and one of our Virtual Room Coordinators will display your slides. Simply call ‘next slide’ when you are ready.

You may also join the Teams meeting for the room you are in and share your screen during your talk, but if you do so you must have your mic AND speakers on mute. This option is only recommended if you are already familiar with Teams and using the desktop application.

VIDEO AND AUDIO. If you have video and audio clips to play we strongly encourage not to try and share this material through Teams as it often causes issues at scale. We would prefer it if you set up a streaming link to your audio/video file (for example a Youtube link) and direct the audience to it at the appropriate moment, at which point the virtual room coordinator will play the clip in the room (and online delegates can follow the link). If you plan to use video or audio clips or if you have any questions please will you contact darkeconomiesslides@gmail.comin advance of the conference.